Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seasonal Greetings...

When the winds slowly begin to shift and the sun no longer hits the "off"-button around 9 at night, the fleece jackets come out, arm warmers are slipped on, and ankle-hitting jeans will make their comebacks. Bare legs will become a rarity and ear muffs will find ways to make you look like you're a cutesy Disney character. All the while, the stock up for winter will commence.

Style Tip #1: 

Prices for must-have items are low and attractive. Pick up the best of the best, whether it be dark-colored school girl T-straps or semi-loose fitted sweater jeggings, it's the time to crack open the piggy bank and spare a few coins so when fall/winter primetime rolls around the willowing autumn-leaved trees, you'll be the first to shine. It'll be so perfect, you'll be the trend-setting stylista that every other die-hard fashion fiend will mimic. Sure enough...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lookbook: FALL '12

When you slip on your Steve Madden sandals and pace through your favorite malls for the perfect bargains, make sure you don't leave your brain at home next to a cold cup of coffee.
Shopping smart is imperative to snagging not only the latest and freshest of the seasons, but the most unique and spellbinding... Hold on to your Karen Walker sunglasses, a Lacoste Pre-Fall 2012 lookbook emanates the simplicity and fashion-forward idealisms of what having trendsetting style is all about.
Noticed a pattern? I'm sensing equestrian meets ivy league prep school! Now all we are missing are argyle sweaters and knee-high socks.. This pre-season collection is filled with mostly mellow hues with your occasional lovely burst of color-fun. A spine-chilling (and anti-freeze) combination of classic sportswear with a youthful sophistication (involving Career Day and extracurricular activities).

While most people are still stuck in the Summer 2012 mindset, stressing over which bikinis and beach coverups to empty their bank accounts over, you're already planning hot essentials for an upcoming season that could put you on a train to winter chic wonderland.
More fall and winter stock-up posts coming soon!
(photos above received from Elle.com)