Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome all Stylishians!

The language of style isn't something that is easily picked up after "liking" an ad for Dior's perfumes. 
It wasn't built for everyone.

Just in case you were worried, it's pronounced: "style-ee-shee-ehnz" as in fashion native. Someone who oozes the passion of street chic spotters, camera in hand to snap an upcoming fad, booklet and pen for scratching down must-haves of the season, and an iPhone prepared to bing! with a new tweet on an Alex Wang original.

Like those musicians we all adore with their Nirvana sways and glorious guitar strums, they've been gifted with the "ear". It's all about the intricate notes, detailed crescendos, and powerful bridges.

Style is exactly the same way. Those partnered designers that work endless hours in their artsy rooms to later present the most stunning pieces that become apart of classics like Marc Jacobs and are displayed all over the glossed pages of Elle Magazine. Those are just a fraction of the talented souls that possess the keen "eye" for style. And they're not always sitting in front row seats to Proenza Schouler shows next to the Olsen Twins and they're watchful head-turns.

The chief of the Stylishians just might be cuddled up (no! not at the fashion show), but in their grandmother's hand-crocheted quilts on a breaking sofa in the middle of Wisconsin.

Basically, Stylishians can be anywhere at any time, but no one can deny their "eye" for style and their elite mindset on how to wear creativity on their sleeves...literally. (a.k.a. DIY)

And if you sign up to this blog and follow @ispeakstylish on Twitter, you'll officially become one of them! :)

Stylishians are elite. They're the commanders of fashion. They are the captains of the style ship. And they're fluent in their language.

...So most importantly: do you speak the language of Style?

Clutches and Kisses,

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