Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years 2012 Celebration Style Tips!

Is it really 2012 already?? I've barely just settled into 2011, now we're moving on to the next year as if a subway train is taking off without us on it!

So. We all know every girl is going to be wearing her dose of shimmer fashion. Yes, the typical sun-bright dress that blinds everyone into "oohs" and "awws", but you have a different trick up your sleeve!

Don't want to look too typical? How about a shimmering top with white washed crop jeans?

Net-A-Porter | Vince sequined georgette top
It'll be easier to move around and you won't have to worry about a dress being too short to feel comfortable. Your legs will catch attention in a whole new light and sophistication bounces off of this style idea!

Forever21 fitted skinny jean 
Need more convincing?

Put your hair up into a fluffy, funky style that'll catch the eye! Go BIG or go HOME!

Alicia Keys with a funky but pretty updo
Make sure you're strutting around in those epic booties of the season!

Sparkling booties from
Gold and white have never looked better together for a celebration night! Now's your chance to showcase to the whole party scene how amazing you can look on a New Year's night without looking like you're every girls' twin!

Skip the bangles and noisy jewelry and opt for asymmetrical earrings! One can be a long diamond string while the other could be a gorgeous stud that shows how LESS is MORE!

Interesting earrings from
An eerie snake bracelet will send everyone surrounding you into an awestruck daze! It's built for a distinctive outfit!

Single Coil Whiting Davis Mesh Snack bracelet

Clutch a slim and wide animal printed clutch to bold out your outfit for a roaring appearance! Modesty has never looked so sexy!

Animals printed clutch from


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Clutches and kisses,

Oh! And Happy New Years, Stylishians! <3

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