Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to School/Work Style Tips!

The New Years is finally over and it's time for school and work (if you work) to settle in. It's harder to style yourself for school when there are things invented called "dress codes". In order to keep teachers from writing you up and bosses from questioning you, here are a few tips and tricks that can blend with your body type and dress code type:

Find knee-length skirts at Urban Outfitters that are buttoned, have a vintage color, and can support cute colorful tights underneath! Pair that with a brown belt and a schoolteacher cardigan with oxfords and you're modest outfit is good to go!

Wear loose layered tanks underneath your adorable cut offs to give a shaggy conservative twist to such a summer 90s fad!

Don't wanna wear stilettos to school? Yea, it may seem like a little too much for just chatting with friends and going to class. So seek some thicker-heeled wedges at Forever21 and Urban Outfitters to make it more comfy and cute!

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